the adversity of i am on the way...

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this is the most annoying thing when u have an appointment with someone and this someone is really egger to see you and wating a hour for u in a station or an office or resturent.then this person call you while you are in your house taking a shower telling one of your family member to make you a tell this some one i am on the way and between you and him a two hour travel by car.and you tell him "sorry man , promise promise , ten minutes and i will be there ." then when he ask what is that sounds. i can hear water coming say ayou lah you its raining heavily although they predicted that the weather is going to be clear in kuala lumper this morning.then afcourse this person will not believe you because he was just watching the news yesterday at 8 pm at RTM1 and they said that the weather will be cluster clear. so he call his abang who is living next door. he asks him is abang_______ in his home or he went out.and it is raining in section 14 . so the abang say:" no abang_______ he is still in his house i can hear his wife telling him don't eat so much nasi lemak. you will get flux u know that." so the friend forget every thing about the whether and say see this abang he is still in his house eating nasi lemak while i am there waiting for him in terminal putra station alone, and tired for an almost one hour.and to let you know the i am on the way thing may let you lose friends.afcourse yes because when your friend hear that you are still at home eating nasi lemak he will not wait for u in the station even one more second.and afcourse you will never see his face if u are in your house or whatever place tell were u are it is safer, and better for you.

i will never kiss someones get my job will done.

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i had so many friends telling me that if u want a lecture to pass u in ur exam or to get a job or ably to a job u have to kiss this some one leg so he or she will get ur job done.i had one fiend she had a serious family problem and she did not attend classes for that but when she went to the lecture and started crying for him he did not help fact he became more meaner with her. so even if u had a business with some one don't kiss his feet or beg him or appeal to him.because not all people are the same. i have learned something from life never never undergo to someone what ever his position always keep in mind i am human and he is human just like me.thus what can this person possibly do.if he got revenge from u in the life time remember that in the, and this is the most important thing is to beg and petition to Allah and he will get for you a way to all of your troubles.if u don't believe here this. that story happened to me personally.i had some problems regarding my health problem and as i said not all people understand the situation.So what happened is that my lecture did not want my to attend my final exam that will lead to an F in the when my dad asked what did you do. i had to lie to him and tell him that she allowed my to enter the exam.and i was thinking i could tell dad that i got a F for this subject later on.and i convinced every one that she allowed me to enter the final.that day i came home i started to study this subject.and started to pray and beg god to help me in my problem.the exam was the next day morning.i went to the university about 7 am.then i went to print out my exam slip.and believe it or not i had a seat no. which means i was excepted to enter the final. i was so happy but also scared.i was scared if it was some thing wrong with the system then i will get embarrassed in front of the class.but i enter i took the exam and i passed.So every blogger user around the world turn to Allah he is the only one who can really help you.not people.

love means cinta

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my little sweeities

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yesterday i was taking to my sis atyaf when she told me the terrible news.she was sniffing and sobbing and telling me in this really cute,pity voice (although she is 21) my mom kicked them out of the house.there not coming back for mom hate them,she thinks there dirty.i was really sad too i started cring and swearing and saying how is it stupid to be living in a stupid country and all that talk -i don't know why was the country dragged into this- afcourse u had a clue that i am speaking about my really cute kittens Conan and snow.they left the house my mom did not like them we all cried when we heard the awful and bad news. i started looking at there baby pic.and wanting to know what had on earth happened to them. life is stupid sometimes when you have to let some thing that cute like Conan and snow to let go. i can imagine my younger brother bagging my mom to let them and imaging the look at my sisters eyes when they were preparing to go and give them to the bet store pity huh?
but i will try to appeal to my dad better nature and convinse him to bring my sweethearts cats back to HOME SWEET HOME.

do u belive in god??????

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that's a weird qustion ppl ask me now adays,and i dont know why the hell they ask such stupid qustions and what answer do they excpect you to answer them with? why did we lost faith in allah and then we excpect him to help us.some people when they face such of small promblems they start blaming god for doing that to them.they think god hate them or want to destroy them without ANY valid resons.they want to ditch god and keep god away from their lives but when they are in need to god they ask why isnt he helping them.and giving them a way out of their troubles.and they want god to listn to them the minit they ask him for help thought they did not _even once_ in their lives obyed god or listend to him. i always ask my self why we humen ended up like that.look only for what things bad had happened to us and forget all the good thing that happend to us even if it was so much.if we want to be blessed by god we shall bless him.thus we shall not take these words as only talkls we should transformate it in action.speaking and writing will not do any good for any one ecxept if it was transformated to action.


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i have been always thinking and asking my self this question
why people don't mind their own business why they want to stick their nose in where it dosent belong. i acct think its funny when someone start backbiting this someone behind his back then he acct think that he is helping this someone. or doing a favor for him and i don't know how is that suppose to be in which way dose this person thinks that he is helping. in fact he is destroying every thing.he destroys this someone career,life,reputation,even feeling and this some one thinks he is acct doing the right thing.SO, i would let these kind of ppl know that by teeling rubbish and spreading rumors about this someone they are not helping they are only destroying relations,feelings,and they are just gaining hatred from that particular ppl around the world MIND UR OWN BUSINESS and don't interfere with other peoples problems.they will sure hate u after that and will lose respect for u.that if u had respect for ur self.

for my special person>>dont leave me....

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You are a million miles away
thinking of you I am today.

I want to write to tell you so,
although i'm sure you already know.

My body may be far away,
but my heart is what will always stay.

True love is very hard to find,
but you my dear, are one of a kind.

I've found a love so pure and true,
loyal and honest , that is you.

I am proud to say we belong together,
no matter the distance, our love will not sever.

and when we're together again you'll see,
so happy, together, forever we'll be!